Lt. Albert Borella, 26th Battalion AIF

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Thomas Gunn Miniatures

Lt Albert Borella 26th Battalion AIF, initially joined as a Private when war broke out, he received subsequent promotion and was eventually commissioned. His citation for the VC at age 37 is as follows:
During the period 17/18 July... Lieutenant Borella, whilst leading his platoon charged and captured an enemy machine-gun, shooting two gunners. He then led his party by now reduced to 10 men and two Lewis guns, against a very strongly held trench, using his revolver and later a rifle with great effect and causing many casualties. Two large dug-outs were also bombed and 30 prisoners taken...

He received his VC from King George V, three of Borella's brothers also served during the war: Charles and James in the 7th Battalion and Rex in the 8th Light Horse. All survived and returned to Australia when the war ended.

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