Napoleon Bonaparte, Emperor of France

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King & Country

The Great Man himself, and one of the most popular K&C figures. Here dressed in the familiar grey greatcoat under which he wears the simple green uniform of a Colonel of the Chasseurs a Cheval of the Imperial Guard. This regiment most often served as the personal escort to the Emperor.
Here, Napoleon is mounted once more on his favorite horse “Marengo”.

The Age of Napoleon was also the Age of the Horse at least on the battlefield and Napoleon had more than his fair share of both, battlefields and horses. The Emperor was a great believer in seeing for himself what was happening on the many fields of battle he fought over during his long military career. One of the ways he did this was to mount his horse and together with some of his Generals and Aides-de- camp ride out to various parts of the battle where he could ascertain the situation and decide whether to reinforce or even withdraw certain forces as the progress of the battle dictated.
This was just one of the ways he could take advantage of the fluidity and chaos of battle and ensure his own forces flexibility and success.