German Flakpanzer IV Wirbelwind - Staff Company, France 1945

Price: $399.95


First Legion

The Wirbelwind was a self-propelled anti-aircraft gun developed by the Germans during WWII based on the chassis of the Panzer IV tank. The turret was removed from the Panzer IV and replaced with a 9 sided turret that carried the quad mounted 2 cm Flakvierling 38 AA gun. Because of it's high rate of fire and armor, the Flakpanzer IV was also used against ground targets including light armored vehicles, trucks, and of course infantry targets.
This model more than any other highlights why the Late War German series of products was created. First Legion found an interesting concept, a Wirbelwind with the turret #31 and whitewash over camo that was captured in France in February 1945. As it doesn't have a divsional insignia, it really can be used in any winter 1944-1945 situation.
This model is being produed in very limited numbers and it's an interesting variant of the Wirbelwind with it's unique turret number and camo scheme.

The model is made from a mixed media (resin, metal, plastic, brass, photo etch, etc...) and has the following features:
- 2 Winter Full Crew Figures manning the Gun (fixed)
- Fully rotating Turret
- AA Gun raises and lowers in many positions
- Opening and Closing Front Hatchs
- Antenna
- Realistic weathering