Prussian Grenadier Drummer

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First Legion

The 25th Infantry regiment was in constant combat from the outset of the Seven Years War, taking parts in the battles of Kolin, Breslau, Leuthen, the Siege of Olmutz, Zorndorf, and Kunersdorf.
At Torgau in 1760, both battalions were almost totally destroyed, yet the reconstituted unit continued to see combat after this in several other battles. The Grenadiers of the 25th were combined with the Grenadiers of the 19th to form Grenadier Battalion 19/25. The 25th Infantry are truly one of the storied regiments of the Prussian Army of the Seven Years war and it was said of them at the Battle of Kolin "where on this bloody day, it showed the greatest courage with frequent attacks against the steepest heights...whereby it however lost one third of its officers, and yet did not fall back."