Blood, Bullets & Cold Steel Set

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King & Country

A combined ‘Extra Value Added Set’ that brings all 9 of these great figures together for a bundled price!

‘Tommy Atkins’ (often just Tommy) has been slang for a common soldier in the British Army for over two centuries. The origins of the name go as far back as the Napoleonic Wars. One common belief is that the name was chosen by the Duke of Wellington himself after having been inspired by the bravery of one of his private soldiers during the Peninsula War. After one particular battle the Duke came upon a certain severely wounded soldier and asked after his condition. The terribly injured soldier simply replied, “I’m all right sir... All in a day’s work” and died shortly afterwards.
Sometime later the Duke was asked what generic British name should be used on all army forms. He remembered the brave but gravely wounded soldier from his Peninsula days and also his name, ‘Tommy Atkins’.
This group of British Army infantry of the Napoleonic era that would be proud to bear the name Tommy Atkins!