G.A. Custer to the Little Big Horn

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Steve Alexander

This book by renowned historian Mr. Steve Alexander, traces the life and deeds of George Armstrong Custer from his beginnings to his famous Last Stand and death on June 25th, 1876 near the Little Big Horn River in southeastern Montana Territory. Mr. Alexander's "G.A. Custer to the Little Big Horn” is an in-depth approach to the always controversial figure and a reflection on the man, his time and the myth through exhaustive research and understanding gained from a whole life of study and dedication.
Brilliant text and more than 200 period photographs and full color pictures - many of them designed specifically for this book - are interwoven here to render a distinctive work which stands out among the myriad of books already published on the famous encounter between Custer's 7th Cavalry and the Lakota and Northern Cheyenne, led by Sitting Bull. The book also includes a prologue by Dr. Joseph Medicine Crow, last War Chief of the Crow tribe, and an impressive color fold-out map with clear details of the famous battle.
Proclaimed the "Foremost Custer Living Historian” by the United States Congress, Steve Alexander has been acknowledged by both the Michigan and Ohio Senates for his lifetime work and portrayal of America's most controversial military leader.
Steve has appeared in over three dozen docudramas as the General, most recent being the Discovery Times: Only in America. His work for the History Channel includes "Command Decisions”, "Trail with General Custer” and the "Little Big Horn - The Untold Story.” Both television documentaries and the television portrayals "Biography of Custer” and Bill Kurtis' "Betrayal at Little Big Horn” in the "New Explorers” series cast Steve Alexander as General Custer again and received awards for the top historical presentations in 1998 & 1999.

ISBN: 9788496658288
Pages: 176
Date Published: February 2011
Publisher: Andrea Press
Illustration: 200+ photos, 4 maps