Russian T-70 Light Tank - Winter Variant

Price: $199.95


First Legion

The Russian T-70 Light Tank was the 1942 replacement for the earlier T-60 variant. It was used both as an armored reconnaissance vehicle as well as for close infantry support. It was armed with a 45mm L/46 main gun and a coaxial 7.62 MG. It suffered from many of the shortcomings of other Russian tanks such as a single man turret which made coordination of multiple tanks nearly impossible as the commander had far too many responsibilities within his own vehicle. It did however play a role in the Battle of Stalingrad where its small size among the rubble allowed it a bit more freedom of movement and was relatively easily "dug-in" as a strongpoint for close infantry defense.
Starting in 1943, the lighter tanks such as the T-70 were phased out and their role was taken on by the heavier T-34. they continued to see service in mobile artillery, reconnaissance, and rear echelon units moving forward.

The Model has the following features:
- Extremely realstic sculpting and weathering
- Opening/Closing Commanders Hatch
- 3 Pieces of Removable stowage
- Fully rotating turret
- Gun Barrel Raises/Lowers
- Mixed Media Construction with amazing detail