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Trooper w/Pistol

Price: $50.00



This is a Consignment sale item we are offering. It comes in its original box and is in like new condition.

King & Country's PnM013 Trooper with Pistol

This dismounted trooper carries both sword and pistol. He wears the distinctive “lobster-pot” helmet with the protective steel face visor raised. Under his armoured cuirass he wears the heavy buff leather long jacket.

Special Uniform Note:
The soldiers who fought in the English Civil War had more uniformity than their Continental contemporaries in the “Thirty Years War”...What uniformity they had was very much up to the tastes and pockets of individual colonels who raised each regiment.
Most officers wore their own personal civilian clothes. The rank and file however was issued with certain items such as coats, breeches, various headgear (including helmets) and of course, shoes, boots and stockings – subject to availability.
Blue and red were the most common uniform colours although white, grey and green were also seen in both armies. In effect this means that what is called “Parliamentary” with this first release can alternatively “change sides” as more soldiers appear to be released in the future.

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