German Heer Infantry Standing Firing K98

Price: $69.95


First Legion

The Batle of Normandy series already features a wide variety of combatants from both sides including, for the Germans, Waffen SS and German Fallschirmjagers. The "elite" German fighting formations have already been created, but in reality it was the Heer Infantry Divisions which were the backbone of the German Army on all fronts and in most battles, including Normandy. The figures that First Legion now presents depicting the German Heer represent a wide variety of divisions spanning a countless number of conflicts from Normandy through Market Garden and nearly everything in between. So while coded NOR, the release will reflect more generic German "Late War" infantry in summer dress making them perfect for a whole host of display options. The figures will be equipped with a range of weapons and dress options accurately reflecting the less than standardized nature of the German Heer Infantry at this time and the heavier reliance on hand held anti-tank weapons than was previously the case as the Germans were now strictly on the defensive.