Corsair: 30 Years of Piracy

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Bruno Pautigny

The Corsair no doubt appears at the top of the list of mythical aircraft which have left their mark on aviation history. As I am more particularly an illustrator, I have given priority to the illustrations and iconography, followed by explanations which are deliberately concise but as rigorous as possible.
The aim was to tell the thirty year story of the Corsair's extraordinary career from its baptism of fire in the Pacific to African skies, passing through the Far-East and a less martial but nonetheless virile interlude in the colorful and exhilarating world of the Pylon Races. This book, which is actually the reissue, substantially increased of the previous edition published in 2003 and now out of print, does not claim to be exhaustive and is destined as much to the enlightened amateur as to the neophyte, in whom perhaps will appear a new love for the fabulous Bent wing Bird.

Date Published : January 2013
Publisher : Histoire and Collections
ISBN : 9782352502166
Pages : 144