The US Army: From the Cold War to the end of the 20th Century

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Christopher Anderson

This illustrated series presents the uniforms and equipment of the United States Army from the nineteenth century to the present day. Each volume combines detailed and informative captions with over 100 rare and unusual images. These books are a must for anyone interested in American military uniforms and the history of the United States Army
In the years since the end of the Cold War, the U.S. Army has undergone some of the most dramatic changes in history, becoming a much smaller and more technologically advanced force than ever before. With more than 100 images The U.S. Army Today illustrates the uniforms, weapons, and equipment of the American soldier in this time of change.

Date Published : August 2016
Publisher : Pen and Sword
Illustration : Illustrated with over 100 images.
ISBN : 9781848328150
Pages : 72