The Battle of the Bulge. Volume 2: The North Point. The Assault of the 6th Panzer Army: The Failure of the Final Blitzkrieg

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Philippe Guillemot

This second volume offers the reader the study of the northern tip of this offensive launched by the 6th Panzer Army whose engagement in the Battle of the Bulge represented a baptism by fire. Based on the study of thousands of pages of archives concerning both U.S. forces and German, the author revisits this sector, which was the major axis through which Hitler hoped to change the course of the war. Through these pages, Philippe Guillemeot invites us to follow the fierce and bloody ride of the kampfgruppen of 1. SS-Panzer Division, the failure of the Hitlerjugend, GI's fierce resistance, and the load of the II. SS-Panzerkorps. A chapter is devoted to special operations conducted by German paratroopers and Otto Skorzeny.

Date Published : February 2016
Publisher : Histoire and Collections
Illustration : Photos
ISBN : 9782352504009
Pages : 192