Amberley Armour: M4 Sherman Tank

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John Christopher

The Sherman tank was never the equal of the German heavies, but tough, reliable and maneuverable it was built in such prodigious quantities that it played a vital role in the Allies' victory in WW2. Published to commemorate 70th anniversary of the D-Day landings.

Once described as the worst tank that ever won a war it was built in the States by car factories, railway works and vast purpose-built factories. The M4 Sherman saw service in all theaters of the Second World War as well as in later conflicts in Korea and Israel. It came in many variants. The British gave it a bigger gun, they made ‘funnies' that could throw flames or swim ashore and wade rivers or ditches, they were used to lay bridges, clear minefields and even launch rockets. Many Sherman's were sold overseas to countries such as Uganda, Italy, Paraguay, Argentina and Mexico.

Date Published : August 2014
Publisher : Amberley
Illustration : 200 illustrations
ISBN : 9781445638591
Pages : 128