"The Shannon Set" Nurse Shannon Reuss with Wounded GI

Price: $99.00


King & Country

This Limited Edition Medical set of a WWII Nurse tending a Wounded GI was created to commemorate Shannon's legacy in the Toy Soldier community. Her memory lives on through her spouse and co-founder Pete, their son Benjamin and the dedicated team at Treefrog Treasures.
Pete worked in conjunction with Andy C. Neilson of King & Country to create a small, special set of figures that would pay tribute to Shannon and the unique role she played in the world of toy soldiers. When Pete told Andy of Shannon's earlier vocation and training as a registered nurse in several Veterans' hospitals in the U.S. Andy suggested a figure (or figures) relating to a 'nursing theme' ... Further suggestions followed before both men agreed that an original 2-figure set could show a U.S. Army WW2 Nurse in battlefield fatigues tending a wounded G.I.

Limited Edition of 300 sets available exclusively through Treefrog Treasures!