10 piece Confederate Infantry Battalion Box Set

Price: $39.95
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Regimental Colours

Formations represent the groups in which soldiers fought in days past. This was done for many reasons, including the ineffectiveness of period firearms, the desire for order, and to bolster morale, to name but a few. These ordered ranks exist even today when modern military formations are on parade.
Each battalion is ready for retail in a handsome, old-fashioned cardboard box.
Special introductory packaging - a complete battalion includes:
8 riflemen
1 flag bearer
1 officer
A formation base
A carry sack, to conveniently store your soldiers.

Regimental Colours soldiers are about 3.5" tall and designed to resemble old-fashioned toy soldiers. They are made from durable hardwoods and birch ply. Water-soluble paints give them a bright, eye-catching appeal, and a water-soluble clear coat ensures they will continue to look good for generations of use. Every production batch is tested for compliance with the US CPSC standards for lead-free coatings in children’s toys.

Children, young & old, will delight in “setting ‘em up and knocking ‘em down”, playing with the soldiers like old fashioned “skittles”. These colorful formations can also be used in more structured play offered by the challenging and educational world of miniature gaming. Gaming (or in this case “floor-gaming”) is a fascinating way to discover history for all ages!