2008 Christmas Set – The Iron Brigade, American Civil War

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Tradition of London 2008 Christmas Set – The Iron Brigade, American Civil War
Glossy Finish
The Union Army 1861-1865, The Iron Brigade
General Grant, Officer, Sergeant, Drummer and 2 Privates.

The Iron Brigade, also known as the Iron Brigade of the West or the Black Hat Brigade, was an infantry brigade in the Union Army of the Potomac during the American Civil War. Although it fought entirely in the Eastern Theatre, it was composed of regiments from Western states states that are today considered Midwestern. Noted for its strong discipline, its unique uniform appearance, and its tenacious fighting ability, the Iron Brigade suffered the highest percentage of casualties of any brigade in the war.The nickname Iron Brigade, with its connotation of fighting men with iron dispositions, was applied formally or informally to a number of units in the Civil War and in later conflicts. The Iron Brigade of the West was the unit that received the most lasting publicity in its use of the nickname.

This Set has a Limited Edition of 73.