Fraser Highlander Light Infantry - Officer and Corporal

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John Jenkins Designs QHL-01 Fraser Highlander Light Infantry - Officer and Corporal
Limited Edition #266 of 500.

The 78th Highland Regiment was raised in 1757, the Lieutenant Colonel was Simon Fraser. The Regiment served with distinction at the Louisbourg Campaign (1759), and at the siege of Quebec.

During the later part of the French and Indian War, the regiment had a company of light Infantry. These were men who were accustomed to fighting in woods and were good marksmen. The uniforms differed from the rest of the regiment, changes occurred due to the experience gained campaigning in the North American forests. The traditional highland kilt was cut down or replaced by what is known as the “philebeg” or “little kilt”. The coat was stripped of the decorative lacing and extra pockets were added. Also it became common to wear woolen or canvas leggings and moccasins, similar to what the Rangers and Indians wore and the cumbersome broadsword was replaced with an axe.