"Civil War Santa" Santa with Wheelbarrow and Gifts

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W. Britain

Many of the Christmas traditions that we are familiar with were well established by the mid-nineteenth century. The decorating of trees, Christmas carols, card and gift giving were practiced in various ways in Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom.
Although Christmas did not become a Federal holiday in the United States until 1870, by the late 1830s it became a legal holiday in Alabama, Louisiana and Arkansas. Christmas was such an important social holiday in the south that President Abraham Lincoln felt that it would be good to show that Santa Claus supported the Union cause. It was felt that this would demoralize the Confederate troops. The January 3rd 1863 issue of Harper's Weekly featured a full page illustration of a jolly bearded Santa distributing gifts to Union soldiers in camp. This illustration was created by Thomas Nast, a German born illustrator that some have considered to be the father of the American political cartoon. He went on to create many of the iconic depictions of characters that we know today.
Our new Exclusive Santa Claus with gifts is based on this 1863 Harper's Weekly version complete with a red, white and blue Santa suit decorated with stars and stripes.
To accompany him a second set of two Union solders comparing gifts help recreate the festive scene that was played out in numerous winter quarters during the American Civil War.