Nelson Deck Scene - Limited Edition

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This is a Consignment sale set we are offering. It comes in its original box and is in like new condition.

W. Britain's #41118 Nelson Deck Scene - Limited Edition
Limited Edition of 2000

Comes with the following figures:
  • Lord Nelson undress as Trafalgar 1805.
  • Capt. Thomas Masterman Hardy - Friend and Flag captain on Victory, in undress uniform worn at Trafalgar.  With Nelson when he died.
  • Seaman - Royal Navy 1805.
  • Lt. John Pascoe - Signals Lt. on Victory.  Hoisted Nelson's famous signal 'England Expects that every man will do his Duty'.
  • Capt. Adaire - Royal Marines.  Killed whilst stopping French boarding party stepping on to Victory.
  • Capt. Henry Blackwood - Friend and Captain of frigate 'Euryalus' at Trafalgar.