The New Bride & Groom - Gloss

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King & Country

As the “Victorian Era” began to change into the “Edwardian” one so too did dress and styles in the British Crown Colony of Hong Kong.
For younger Chinese men “pigtails” were seen as a symbol of the old, decadent, down-trodden "Middle Kingdom". Smart, short hair was adopted as one symbol of modernity and being part of the new 20th Century. Women and girls also started to cut their hair and emulate their Western counterparts. At the same time traditional Chinese costume was being simplified and becoming more comfortable and practical to wear.
This thoroughly modern young Bride & Groom exemplify the new movement.

This is a special order item; it is metal, gloss finish, and 1:30 scale. Please allow 2 weeks for the item to arrive at Treefrog from time of order. We will charge and ship the item when it arrives.