American Civil War 13 Inch Mortar and 4 Man Crew

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W. Britain

When the Ordnance Board revised the artillery system for 1861, several new patterns emerged including the 8-inch and 10-inch Siege Mortars and the 13-inch Seacoast Mortar. The 8-inch and 10-inch Siege Mortars had maximum ranges of 2,225 and 2,064 yards respectively. The 13-inch Seacoast Mortar had a maximum range of 4,300 yards. Their effective ranges were much shorter. These mortars saw action in many different theaters in the American Civil War and were used by both the Army and the Navy.

One of the most famous guns of the war was the well photographed 13-inch "Dictator" which fired 227 pound mortar shells from a railroad platform propelled by 20 pounds of powder into the Confederate lines during the siege of Petersburg.

5 piece set and accessories.
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