Men at War in the 20th Century Pack #6

Price: $35.00



A pack of ten Osprey booklets describing:
  • The Waffen-SS - First Lieutenant, "Prince Eugen" Mountain Troops, 1944
  • US Army of WWI - Military Aviator, VII Corps Aero Service: 1918
  • Axis Forces in Yugoslavia - German Paratrooper, Bosnia: 1944
  • From the Free French to The Army of Liberation - Senegalese Skirmisher: Gabon, 1940
  • The Italians in Africa 1940-43 - Private, 31st Assault Engineers
  • Foreign Volunteers of the Allies in World War II - Lance-Corporal, French Foreign Legion: 1942
  • USAAF Groundcrew and Support Units - Corporal, Military Police: 1944
  • Uniforms of the Royal Flying Corps and RNAs - Sergeant, Royal Flying Corps: 1914
  • T.E. Lawrence and the Arab Revolts - Sergeant, Egyptian Army Camel Corps
  • Armies of the Vietnam War 1962-75 - Enlisted Man, North Vietnamese Army: 1975
Each of these booklets features uniform and historical unit details, color plates of uniforms and is 15 pages long.