Bavarian Grenadier Standing Loading - 6th Light Battalion La Roche

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First Legion

As one of Napoleon's staunchest allies, the Bavarian army was engaged throughout the Napoleonic Wars serving side by side with the French as part of the Grande Armee of 1809, 1812, and 1813.
Revisiting the long sold out initial release of the 5th Preysing and the 4th Sachsen-Hildburghausen First Legion is pleased to present the 6th Light Infantry Battalion La Roche!

First Legion sincerely hopes you enjoy revisiting Napoleonic Bavaria and was delighted to provide this opportunity to acquire a new rendition of their very first release as a company.

Grenadiers were chosen for their physical fitness and overall strength, so they were used as assault troops as well as regular infantry. This soldier reaches for another cartridge to load his musket.