NVA Infantry with SKS Carbine and RPG Rounds

Price: $64.95


First Legion

First Legion adds the North Vietnamese Army to their Vietnam War series. These figures are of the same quality as the US troops, and can be used for most NVA Infantry regiments throughout the course of the war. These new figures allow interesting diorama opportunities to emerge in the jungles and paddies of Southeast Asia, and on your display shelves!

Uniforms and equipment were a bit more standardized in the NVA or Viet Minh, as opposed to the southern fighters, called Viet Cong. This infantryman carries the Soviet made SKS, a weapon that was being phased out of Soviet forces but still used by second lines and allied nations. It was also chambered for the same 7.62x39mm rounds that the AK47 fires. He also carries extra rounds for the squad's RPG launcher, a duty that was usually spread out so that on unlucky hit couldn't sympathetically detonate all the rounds for the weapon.