Confederate Infantry Drummer in Frock Coat #1

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Retired - Last One!!!


W. Britain

In the late fall of 1862, Union General Ambrose Burnside was under intense pressure to do something, anything – President Lincoln, senior Union commanders and leaders, and the Northern public wanted action from their Army of the Potomac. This urgent call to action would come crashing up against the most fateful consequences in a little Virginia town called Fredericksburg on December 13, 1862. Launching a two pronged assault on the well-defended Confederate lines Burnside’s frontal assault on Marye’s Heights and flanking attack on Confederate General Jackson’s Troops led to almost 13,000 Union casualties and accomplished nothing. So much for action at any cost.
This new range of figures captures the brave Union troops in their kersey blue overcoats and Confederate defenders in a hodgepodge of winter clothing. Also included in this release are sections of the famous sunken road stonewall that the Confederate troops were able to use to their advantage in repulsing the Union assault waves at Marye’s Heights.