US 25th Infantry Division Kneeling with M-79 "Bloooper" and M-72 LAW

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First Legion

The M79 was a single shot grenade launcher whose reliability and variants of ammunition made it extremely popular with platoon leaders. It had drawbacks however, the main ones being the single shot limitation, forgoing sustained heavy fire, and grenades fired from the weapon had to travel a minimum distance of 30 meters before arming themselves. This made close quarters fighting for the Grenadier carrying the M79 limited, usually to the .45 caliber sidearm.

The weapon strapped across the top of this painted metal miniature's pack is the M-72 LAW (Light Anti-Armor Weapon) which was subject to a massive recall in beginning of the Vietnam war due to the wardhead prematurely exploding on launch. Re-issued M-72's were all marked "w/coupler" to show they had the required safety device installed.

First Legion has created these painted metal miniatures of the US and NVA forces in Vietnam War with an unprecedented attention to detail. Add them to your collection before they're gone!