So, what is FL-ickstarter you ask? FL-ickstarter is basically a First Legion based Kickstarter where they will make previously retired/sold out figures that are still in demand available for order and if enough demand is met they will produce the figures specifically to fill the orders that have been placed.

A neat idea for sure, but here is how it works as well as the basic ground rules:
They will select a small number of sets for each FL-ickstarter "campaign." Usually this will be no more than just a few sets and all sets will be produced and delivered to customers at the same time. Because of this, they need to keep it reasonably small so that it doesn't dominate their production schedule. If there is a set you want that isn't listed, that doesn't mean First Legion won't offer it in a future FL-ickstarter campaign, only that it isn't in this campaign.
(Armour will not be included in these Campaigns currently.)
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