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While the Germans and Italians battled the Allies in Europe, Africa, and Russia, the Japanese fought for the waters of the vast Pacific Ocean and the resource rich territory around its rim. King & Country has focused this range on the Japanese Navy (IJN), the primary opponent of the US Navy (USN) in the war. The IJN could not match the sheer number of vessels, men and weapons at the disposal of the USN, and so they concentrated instead on producing a substantial qualitative edge. This paid rich dividends for them during the first six months of the war and they enjoyed a string of successes against the USN. Eventually the industrial superiority of the US won through as America modernized its Navy, producing overwhelming amounts of firepower and equipment.
King & Country brings you the Imperial Japanese Navy in excellent hand painted metal figures.

The Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) by King & Country

Deck Crew Petty Officer Mechanic
Deck Crew Petty Officer Mechanic
Price: $45.00
Retired - Last One!!!