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D-Day Allies Page 7

These D-Day Allies military miniatures by King & Country cover a wide swath of the Allied forces, including: US Paratroopers, British Commandos, US Army Rangers, US MPs, the British 3rd Infantry, as well as personality figures both military and civilian. No D-Day Allies collection would be complete without the iconic vehicles such as the Jeep, Sherman, Priest and Valentine. King & Country hand-paints each individual figure with outstanding detail and historical accuracy. Browse our huge selection of King & Country D-Day Allies hand painted metal miniatures below.

Allied Soldiers of D-Day by King & Country

wwii dday d-day us army ranger
D Day Minus One
Price: $99.00
US Military Policeman
US Military Policeman
Regular Price: $45.00
On Sale For: $33.00
wwii dday d-day british canadian
Dismounted Policeman
Price: $32.00
king country american afv
Free French Scout Car
Price: $159.00
Retired - Last One!!!
GI Tank Crew
GI Tank Crew
Price: $95.00
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