American Civil War

These military miniatures are perfect for recreating the raid on Harper's Ferry, a catalyst for the Civil War. In 1859, radical abolitionist John Brown led 21 men to seize the armory at Harper's Ferry and they barricaded themselves inside the engine house, next door to the armory when the citizenry rose up against the raid. A force of 86 Marines were the closest regulars, and they were ordered in. A nearby Army Lt. Col. who happened to be on leave in the area named Robert E. Lee was given command of the Marines. Volunteering to serve as his aide-de-camp was Lt. J.E.B. Stuart.

After the raiders were apprehended, Lee resumed his leave. The trial of John Brown after Harper's Ferry captured the American imagination and is widely understood to have crystallized northern sentiment against slavery.

John Jenkins Designs Civil War Toy Soldiers