Grand Duchy of Warsaw

First Legion has crafted another terrific toy soldier range with this stalwart ally of the French Grande Armee, the Grand Duchy of Warsaw. As part of Poniatowski’s Corps at Borodino, the Poles were heavily engaged on the far right flank in and around the Utiza Mound and the village of Utiza itself.

Each figure is hand painted with historical accuracy and incredible detail. In addition to their participation at Borodino, the Poles played a major role in the 1813 Saxony Campaign and were some of the most competent and loyal troops of all of the nations fighting on the side of the French.

A nominally independent Poland under the control of France was one of Napoleon's chief goals when he attacked Russia. Tsar Alexander I desired the same outcome, only with Poland under Russian control. Napoleon's creation of the Grand Duchy of Warsaw would have long-lasting effects on the Polish; by abolishing serfdom, establishing a universal legal code, and creating middle class bureaucracies. These beautifully sculpted and painted figures have to be seen to be believed, select a figure below to begin browsing!

Grand Duchy of Warsaw in the Napoleonic Wars by First Legion