World War I

The Great War is presented here by John Jenkins Designs in unparalleled detail and depth. These 1:30 scale figures have a variety that is not to be matched in the field of WWI toy soldiers. Choose from airplanes, cavalry, machine gunners, infantry, first generation tanks, French, British, US, and German forces.
Of special note are the airplanes produced by John Jenkins Designs, and the toy soldier pilots that accompany them. These Knights of the Skies were the first of their kind, operating flying machines in the dawn of the modern war age. The detail in sculpting and excellent paint on these scale models has to be seen to be believed.
Browse as well the many high quality diorama accessories produced by John Jenkins Designs for WWI. To view an item in greater detail, choose one below. Discover our John Jenkins Designs World War One miniatures today!

Great War Toy Soldiers by John Jenkins Designs