Owned and operated by Mark and Sandy Vuncannon, Build-A-Rama offers 1/30 and 1/32 diorama and accessory pieces to complement toy soldiers and military miniatures. All Build-A-Rama products are made in the USA, which is uncommon for the toy soldier industry.

There are many different types of items Build-A-Rama produces, to fit every need of the toy soldier collector. Fabric terrain mats, foliage, man-made barricades and obstacles, buildings in various states of damage, debris, three-dimensional terrain bases, building façades, accessories like oil barrels, sandbags, ration boxes or flags, and background posters for every environment.

In addition to military supplies and accessories, Build-A-Rama produces civilian supplies as well. In any conflict, civilians outnumber active military personnel, but often their belongings became the spoils of war. Your toy soldier displays can have that added touch of realism with Build-A-Rama's civilian accessories. The building façades the company creates are some of the easiest in the industry to display, as they are on a soft foam backing that can be stood up on its own, or attached to a rear wall.

The foliage and accessories created by Build-A-Rama for use in toy soldier displays also can be purchased for use in differing weather conditions, from summer to winter. Not only that, but a diverse range of flora are available, from winterized stumps shredded by artillery fire to gently leaning palm trees. Items like basic terrain and foliage can be used for any time period, and the buildings offered by Build-A-Rama are suitable for wars from the Napoleonic era up through WWII and beyond.

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Toy Soldier Accessories by Build-A-Rama