Tsar Nicholas II & Tsarevich Alexei

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King & Country

Both father and son are dressed in the ceremonial dress uniforms of two different Imperial Russian Guard regiments.
Nicholas II is dressed as the Colonel-In-Chief of his Regiment while his son, the Tsarevich Alexei is uniformed as a junior subaltern of his particular regiment.
Few could have predicted that both of them together with the rest of their Royal Family would be cruelly murdered by the Bolsheviks just five years later...
After this first release there will follow a figure of Nicholas’ wife, the Tsarina Alexandra and then his two eldest daughters, the Grand Duchesses Olga and Tatiana, both in military uniform.

Amidst all of this doom, gloom and tragedy was one particular event that for a brief moment enthused the nation and Nicholas himself... The Tercentenary Celebrations (1613-1913) marked 300 years of the Romanov Dynasty ruling this massive and far flung empire.