Fedor Von Bock

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Fedor Von Bock was a German Field marshal and Knights Cross recipient. Bock came from a military family and served as a junior officer in WW1. He was a monarchist and spent weekends between the war at Kaiser Bills estate in Holland.
During WW2 Bock took command of Army Group North for the Polish invasion and command of Army Group B during the invasion of France. For the invasion of Russia, Bock was put in command of Army Group Centre but suffered his first reversal when the advance on Moscow stalled due to the onset of winter and stiffening Soviet resistance. Prior to the arrival of winter Bock had urged Hitler to allow him to continue all the way to Moscow, as he saw it the road was wide open. He was overruled and with the Moscow offensive failing was moved to Army Group South.
In July 1942 Hitler removed Bock from his command on the grounds of ill health. He was never to command a front line position again.
In May 1945 Bock was travelling with his family to Hamburg when an RAF Spitfire strafed his car and killed everybody on board.

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