New Collectors’ Bonus Gift Sets &

End-Of-The-Run Remainders

March 2020


Dear Partners,

As you are very well aware the outbreak of the dreaded ‘Coronavirus’ has played havoc with everyone travelling to, from and around China.

King & Country alas, is no exception.

At present we have very limited access to our suppliers in China and they themselves have experienced great difficulty in getting their workers to return from their outlying provinces which many returned to for the Annual Lunar New Year festivities.

The upshot is many of our February releases will be delayed until March at the very least.  Obviously, that means other releases for following months are also delayed and put back.

Fortunately, a few February items did manage to arrive in Hong Kong before the restrictions were put into place and they will be available. Here are the remaining items which would be available in upcoming March. 

1. "Coming Soon... (Pre-order Now!)"

HK291G "The Shoemaker Set (Gloss)"

A pair of Chinese custom shoemakers show off their latest efforts to one of their wealthy clients. Everything you see in the photo is included in this great little 3-figure set.

HK291M "The Shoemaker Set (Matt)"


WH096 "The Normandy Dispatch Rider"

A Wehrmacht Dispatch Rider on his Italian-made motor bike halts temporarily to avoid the patrolling Allied fighter bombers that made movement between different German units almost impossible during daylight hours in the Normandy campaign.

The rider himself is a veteran of the fighting in Italy as he wears Italian-pattern camouflage trousers.


MK200 "Robert the Bruce"

This mounted figure of “The Bruce” is closely modeled on the actual monument designed by Charles Pilkington Jackson which overlooks the battlefield of Bannockburn near Stirling in Scotland.

Unveiled by Her Majesty The Queen in 1964 it shows Bruce mounted on his mighty warhorse and holding a battleaxe in his right hand.

Colourful, dramatic and impressive it makes a worthy addition to K&C’s other medieval Scottish warriors.


TRW165 "The Last Aimed Shot"

A dismounted 7th Cavalry trooper uses his horse as cover as he takes careful aim with his carbine at one of his Indian opponents.

TRW166 "Die Longknife!"

Two Cheyenne ‘Dog Soldiers’ hack mercilessly at another unfortunate U.S. Cavalry trooper. (3 x figure set)

TRW167 "Fighting To The End"

Back-to-back, these two wounded troopers must know their end is near but still they are determined to put up a fight to the last... (2 x figure set)


NA441 "Galloping Aide de Camp"

Resplendent in his dark blue uniform and sporting the distinctive red and gold armband of one of the Emperor’s own select band of ADC’s this officer must stay close to the great man himself in order to be on hand to deliver any and all kinds of important messages and instructions.

NA443 "General Jean-Pierre Doumerc"

Jean-Pierre Doumerc (1767-1847) joined a French cavalry unit at the beginning of the French revolution and rapidly rose to command an entire ‘Cuirassier’ regiment by the time Napoleon came to power.

During the wars and campaigns of the Emperor, Documerc first led cavalry brigades and later divisions in many of the most important battles of that era.

Our K&C representation shows him wearing the extravagant general’s bicorn atop his senior Cuirassier officer’s uniform and metal breastplate.

NA445 "General Jean-Baptiste Bessieres"

Bessieres (1768-1813) was a Marshal of the Empire during the Napoleonic era.

A great personal friend of the Emperor he campaigned with him in Italy and Egypt before becoming a senior cavalry commander of Napoleon’s own Guard Cavalry.

He subsequently went on to take part in many other notable battles and campaigns in Europe before being killed in action in 1813.

Bessieres was not of high birth but adopted the manners and style of a gentleman. He typically wore the distinctive green uniform of his original regiment ‘Guides of the Army of Italy’ and wore his hair long and ‘powdered’ in the style of the ‘Ancien Regime’... And that’s how we have portrayed him.

NA453 "The Apple Seller"

Armies of Napoleon’s time relied on most of their food being supplied, bought or stolen from whichever country or community they were marching through. This young woman has a basketful of fresh apples to sell to the soldiers as they pass through or near her family orchard.


At the same time we are extending and adding to the ‘Last Remainders’ list and providing some new ‘Value Added Sets’ that are sure to please collectors everywhere.


2. "Collectors’ Bonus Gift Sets"







3. "End-Of-The-Run Remainders"

AL071 "Light Horse Model ‘T’"

A desert-camouflaged version of Henry Ford’s classis Model ‘T’ complete with two “Diggers” and a front-mounted Vickers Machine Gun.

In the flat bed back of the vehicle is a spare. 303 Lee Enfield rifle and a folded-up tripod for the Vickers.

SP048 "Military Bell Tent"

Bell tents made their first military appearance during the campaigns in the Americas at the time of the Revolution. Since then they have proved invaluable during the Napoleonic Wars… The Crimea…The American Civil War… a host of Colonial Wars and Battles (including Isandlwhana) and both First and Second World Wars… They even showed up during the Falklands War of 1982!!! Used as a single or in multiples they can help transform any tented area in a display or diorama… see for yourself…

SP050 "French Shop / House"

We've combined sections from two of our older Normandy Village Shop/Houses... made them bigger, added more detail and, we believe, made them even better than before... I hope you like this first one featuring a Pharmacie"... Look out for more later in the year!"

SP054 "Cafe De Normandie"

The newer, bigger and better “Cafe de Normandie” can be used in a wide variety of settings and scenes both on its own and/or with other facades and buildings.

SP071 "WW2 Ruined Building, diorama accessories"

This 2-piece 3 x dimensional diorama building can be used in any urban, European wartime setting.

Approx. Dimension: 30cm(L) * 23cm(W) * 33cm (H)

SP097 "The Russian Farm House"

This typical wooden structure features TWO different sides to the building allowing collectors to reverse sides to crate alternative displays as well as, if you buy 2, to create a small two-building settlement somewhere out on the Russian Steppes.

TRW001 "Mounted Dragoon w/ Rifle"

TRW084(P) "Flying Hawk"

A kneeling warrior complete with buffalo head dress and a captured cavalry carbine.

TRW085(P) "Grey Fox"

A sitting wounded Indian with warshield and Winchester repeating rifle. From someone, somewhere he has acquired an old Confederate Army tunic.

TRW086(P) "Bear Cub"

One of the youngest participants in the battle… just 13… but with bow and arrow and ready to fight for his tribe and family.

TRW087 "Captain Frederick Benteen"

One of the most controversial figures of the battle… He and his command were supposed to ride to Custer’s aid… He held back, preferring to support Major Marcus Reno’s beleaguered position than ride forward to almost certain death with Custer.

TRW091 ""He’s Dead!", The Apaches"

One of the hated “Longknives” lies sprawled at the feet of this Apache Warrior. His cartridge belt and revolver will find a new owner! (2 figures)

WS197 "Sd. Kfz. 234/1 Schwerer Panzerspahwagen"

This Wehrmacht version of the eight-wheeler is in typical late-war three colour camouflage, armed with both an MG42 machine gun and a 20mm cannon it comes complete with a seated, full-body vehicle commander.

WS210 "Sd.Kfz.222 Armoured Car (Normandy)"

This great little vehicle is perfect for any scenes and dioramas from 1943 onwards on both East and West Fronts.

WS245 "BA-64B Armoured Car (Captured German Version)"

As K&C collectors know the Wehrmacht made much use of captured enemy vehicles whenever and wherever they were suitable…and available.

This little Soviet-built armoured car was captured in quantity by the Germans and easily converted for their own use…particularly on Anti-Partisan Duties in the occupied territories of the East. A coat of “feldgrau” and some large German crosses and…and you have another excellent addition to the war in the East.

WS246 "Adler Kfz. 13 Armoured Car"

Originally designed in the late 1920’s to comply with the Versailles Treaty specifications these little vehicles were used extensively in the Polish and French campaigns of 1939 and 1940. Although under-gunned and under armoured by June 1941 when “Operation Barbarossa” took place they were once more called back into service.

WS248 "Sd.Kfz.2 Military Car"

Based originally on the Mercedes - Benz 170 this vehicle had its origins during the early 1930’s in the company’s wish to produce an economy class car in addition to their better known luxury range.

The military derivative was specially-tailored to meet the needs and requirements of the German forces. Produced between 1938 and 1942 the Sd.Kfz.2 saw plenty of service on all battle fronts from Benghazi to Belarus and all points in between.

This new field grey K&C model is the first of several we will produce to fit at least some of those battlefronts. Vehicle includes driver.

WS249 "Break Down"

A kneeling “mechanic” bends down to make a roadside-repair while his companion anxiously looks at his watch and seems to say…”Just how long is this going to take!?!

WS281 "The Renault U.E. Armoured Carrier"

This lightly armoured “tankette” was able to tow small artillery pieces and mortars. When used by the Germans they were used for a variety of purposes including patrolling, pulling anti-tank guns and even hauling small supply trailers.

WS296 "FT-17 Normandy Pillbox"

The Germans used a wide range of pillboxes and bunkers all along France’s Channel and Atlantic coast among them a small 3 man bunker surmounted by the turret of an obsolete FT-17 tank. Their only change...replace the original French gun with an MG34 machine gun.

4. "Being Retired..."

As per usual here is what is disappearing…. Grab it while you can!

DD329 "NORMANDY ’44 LCVP Landing Craft"

A reissue of a classic K&C model... This specially-marked LCVP (Landing Craft Vehicle Personnel) commemorates the 75th Anniversary of D.Day. Our LCVP or ‘Higgins Boat’ is a superb mixed-media model (white metal, polystone and resin) and comes with a moveable ramp, a US Navy cox’n and two sailors manning their .30 cal. machine gun positions.

Almost 24,000 were built during WW2 and they could carry a platoon of infantry or a jeep and trailer.

Typically constructed from plywood, these shallow-draft, barge-like boats were usually launched from larger troop transports.

If you’re interested in D.Day this model is a ‘must’!

FW188 "Ford Model "T" Vickers MachineGun Carrier"

The Ford Model ‘T’ was one of the most used motor vehicles the Great War...They were used as transport... ambulances... and in this instance – Machine Gun Carriers.

Here, our Model ‘T’ has the standard British machine gun of the First World War...the Vickers. While a seated gunner “mans” the weapon, his driver is behind the wheel...The Vickers folded tripod sits separately in the back of the vehicle as well as the driver’s own Lee Enfield ‘303 rifle.

FW226 "Capt. Edmund Blackadder & Pvt. Baldrick"

Blackadder is (was) a professional soldier who, until the outbreak of hostilities in 1914, enjoyed a relatively danger-free military career occasionally having to fight, “Two foot tall natives armed with a motley collection of sharpened sticks!”

Pvt. Baldrick, is his short, scrofulous and profoundly stupid batman (military manservant).

FW227 "Squadron Commander The Lord Flashheart"

Is an arrogant and boisterous Royal Flying Corps ‘ace’ who believes he is “God’s gift to women” and wildly attractive to any female that happens to cross his path.

He’s most definitely mad ... bad ... and dangerous to know!

FW228 "Gen. Melchett & Capt. Darling"

General Sir Anthony Cecil Hogmanay Melchett

A loud, childish, incompetent and pompous warmonger whose battle tactics and military knowledge are firmly set somewhere in the Middle Ages!

(Blackadder’s brigade commander.)

Capt. Kevin Darling.

General Melchett’s unscrupulous and fawning adjutant. He’s also Blackadder’s bitter rival. While Blackadder is very definitely “up the sharp end,” Captain Darling is comfortably ensconced safely back at General Headquarters (GHQ)... and fully intends staying there!

FW229 "Lieutenant George"

Lieutenant The Honorable George Colthurst St. Barleigh M.C. is a frontline Infantry Officer, second-in-command to Capt. Edmund Blackadder.

In both manner and personality he is a very close relative to P.G. Woodehouse’s Bertie Wooster. George joined the Army on the day war was declared on Germany in 1914.

Although lacking any clear military skills, competence or authority as an officer, his upper-class social status and educational background meant he was commissioned immediately with virtually no military training.

Among Lieutenant George’s many saving graces... He is always cheerful, exceedingly ‘keen’, generally kind, an inveterate optimist and filled to the brim with the public school ‘tally-ho’ attitude to the horrors of war and death.

Superbly played by Hugh Laurie, (later of ‘House’ fame) he is the perfect addition to the ‘Blackadder Goes Forth’ collection!

LW054 "20mm Flak Gun"

Another version of this ubiquitous little Flak piece...Perfect for airfield defense – The gun comes with a seated gunner included.

LW055 "Flak Gun Helpers"

2 extra figures to support the gun and gunner...a “Spotter” complete with binos trained skywards and...a “loader” – A gun set without these two wouldn’t defend or protect very much!

MK144 "The Knights’ Chair Set"

A set of 11 identical chair/stools that are positioned behind each knight as he stands at the table.

NE009 "The Monument"

Soldiers the world over, have, for centuries sought to leave their mark… On these ancient stones one of Bonaparte’s men has already carved the General’s name.

RA054 "Russian T-70 Tank"

These small, recce, tracked vehicles were perfect for scouting in advance of the heavier T34's and Josef Stalin tanks.

Introduced in late 1942 and early 1943 captured versions were also utilized by the Germans.

Our model comes with a partial body tank commander.

TRW064 "Sioux Indian Tepee (Version #1)"

The traditional Plains Indian dwelling made out of buffalo hides and individually decorated.

TRW083 "Sioux Indian Tepee (Version #2)"

The second of two tepees that can help make you an Indian village that Custer and his men fatefully (for them) attacked.

USMC023 "LVT(A)-1 “Alligator”"

This is the THIRD Amtrack K&C has produced over the years and the FIRST to carry the turret-mounted 37mm gun from the M3 Light Tank. In addition to the main gun this amphibious vehicle has TWO Marine-manned .30 caliber machine guns as part of its defensive/ offensive armament.

WL001 "Lee Kuan Yew"

Lee Kuan Yew (1923-2015) was the first and longest-serving Prime Minister of Singapore after its independence. He was the visionary leader who can rightly be said to be the “father of modern Singapore” and almost single-handedly turned a sleepy, former British colony into one of Asia’s most successful and dynamic city/states.

Our figure shows him delivering a speech during the early days of independence in the mid 1960’s. He is simply dressed in white shirt and white trousers emphasizing that he and his party (the People’s Action Party) are both clean...and honest...a relative rarity in Asian politics.

WoD015 "Ye Old King’s Head"

An updated and upgraded version of part of our original “Dickens Street Facade”. This time we have combined the traditional, timber-framed old English Ale House with a “Tailors Shop” on the ground floor and living quarters above.

In the meantime, let’s all be patient, let’s all stay safe and healthy and, at the end of the day, be happy.

All the very best and, thankyou in advance, for your understanding.


All the best and happy collecting,

Andy C. Neilson

Co-founder & Creative Director

King & Country Ltd.