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German Landsknecht Doppelsoldner

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First Legion

The Renaissance is a fascinating period of history, spanning roughly from the 14th-17th Centuries. Though primarily a cultural movement with resurgence in art, science, and literature, as well as an age of great exploration, it was also a period rife with military conflict as the great European powers of the time grappled for control and dominance. There was military innovation as gunpowder and cannons and were used alongside the heavy cavalry from the previous centuries. As such, it is typically referred to as the "Age of Pike and Shot" as the pike and the arquebus/musket were the two primary weapons of the period.

First Legion has decided to launch the range with the Battle of Pavia in 1525, the climax of the Italian Wars between France and the Spanish Empire with the result of Habsburg rule of the Italian States for 200 years. More hand painted military miniatures are planned for the other major conflicts of the Renaissance.

Doppelsöldner were paid double to fight in riskiest position: on the front line. The massive two handed sword he carries has the weight to cleave through the forest of pikes he’s likely to face.

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