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German Landsknecht Standard Bearer

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First Legion

The Renaissance is a fascinating historical period that occurred over the 14th-17th Centuries. It saw resurgence in art, science, and literature, as opposed to the Dark Age that followed the fall of Rome. The Renaissance was also period marred by military conflict as the great European powers of the time grappled for control and dominance of the continent. The use of gun powder and cannons came to prominence, and were used in cooperation with the heavy cavalry that reigned as queen of the battlefield in the previous centuries. As such, it is typically referred to as the "Age of Pike and Shot" as pikes and arquebus or muskets were two of the main weapons employed.

First Legion launched the REN range with the Battle of Pavia in 1525, the climax of the Italian Wars between France and the Spanish Empire, which resulted in Habsburg rule of the Italian States for the next 200 years. REN001-REN030 cover the colorful mercenaries from Germany, called Landsknechts, that were trained in Swiss pike formations. These figures can also be used as mercenaries for the French.

The Black Band fought as Landsknechts for the French. In fact, they were the lead infantry square against the Imperials in the Battle of Pavia. The simple red standard carried by this landsknecht is that of the Black Band, which was wiped out in the early fighting of the battle.

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