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Wellington at Salamanca, 1812

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Del Prado

Wellington was the same age as Napoleon. Born in 1769 with the family name of Wellesley, he was the third son of the Earl of Mornington, an Anglo-Irish Protestant peer, and as such had to find himself a career. After an indifferent schooling at Eton, Sir Arthur Wellesley, later to become the 1st Duke of Wellington, more or less drifted into the army in a manner not untypical of his day.

Britains small standing army that Wellesley had joined was severely limited by financial and political considerations, living on the margins of society, supplying garrisons for the colonies and Ireland. New units were raised on the outbreak of war and disbanded in peacetime, and the ordinary ranks were, unlike the French, volunteers, drawn to the colours by bounty, the majority seeking to escape from poverty or prison.

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