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"Guastatore" Tobruk, Italy 1942

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Del Prado

By the time of its entry into the Second World War as one of Hitlers Axis allies, the Italian Army had been fighting in Africa for over 40 years, establishing an empire by the conquest of Eritrea, Libya, Italian Somaliland and finally, in 1936, Ethiopia (Abyssinia). While the Germans concentrated on building their empire in Northern and Eastern Europe, Italys main war effort was to be expended in the Mediterranean and North Africa which Mussolini regarded as his responsibility within the Axis. The plan was for his forces to take on the British Empire, first capturing Egypt and the Suez Canal, and then to sweep on eastwards to conquer the oilfields of the Middle East. Mussolini intended to drive the Royal Navy out of the Mediterranean by a combination of light, fast naval vessels and land-based torpedo bombers.
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