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Oblt. Hans Schmoller-Haldy, 3.J/88 Legion Condor

Price: $33.00


John Jenkins Designs

The first plane to be produced for this series is the ME109-E flown by Oblt. Hans Schmoller-Haldy.
The “Mickey Mouse” was the Steffel-Emblem of 3.J/88, while the Beer Mug was Oblt. Schmoller-Haldy’s personal emblem. The CP stood for "The Order of Cardinal Puff", which apparently was a pilots beer club founded in Belgium. Schmoller-Haldy did not score any kills in Spain.

Schmoller-Haldy went on to fight in Poland and France during the second world war, and was wounded in action in Russia on February 23rd, 1942. He survived the war.

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