Gordon at Khartoum, Egyptian Defenders

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General Gordon arrived at Khartoum on February 18th, and spent his time between that date and the start of the siege of the city on March 12, evacuating women and children. Two thousand of whom were sent safely through to Egypt, in addition to six hundred soldiers. It was stated by Sir Evelyn Baring (English consul-general to Egypt) that there were fifteen thousand persons in Khartoum who ought to be brought back to Egypt. These included Europeans, civil servants, widows and orphans, and a garrison of one thousand men.

On January 26, Faraz Pasha a Lieutenant in the Egyptian army, opened the gates of the city to the enemy, and one of the most famous sieges in the world's history came to a close. It had lasted from March 12 to January 26 - exactly three hundred and twenty days. Two days later the English army of relief reached Khartoum.

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