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The Captives

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John Jenkins Designs

Woodland Indian's captives were confronted with several fates. Women and children who were a burden, and enemy warriors perceived to be a threat were, usually scalped and killed immediately. In general, however, prisoners were bound and led back to their captors’ home village. The taking of captives satisfied demographic needs by providing a source of replacements for a tribe’s deceased members. It also fulfilled a spiritual and psychological function by easing grief, by providing a means for coping with death, and by restoring to the community the spiritual strength believed lost through the death of a clan member.

The tribal council would normally assign each prisoner to a family that had lost relatives. In general, women, children, and skilled men were adopted into families. These captives were given the name, title, and position of the person they replaced and over time became integrated into their new family and became loyal to their new tribe. Their capture thus eased the pain of bereavement, maintained the size of family, clan, and tribe, and restored the spiritual strength that the community had lost through the death of a member. The two female captives depicted in this set could be sisters, from the family of a high ranking British officer?

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