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1st Regiment of Foot (Royal Scots)

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John Jenkins Designs

The British Regiment at this time usually consisted of 10 companies. Eight of these were line companies and 2 were flank companies. These flank companies were usually positioned on the flanks of the regiment when formed in Line. On the right flank was the Grenadier company, and on the Left flank would be found the Light company. At Chippewa the 3 Light companies from the 3 regular British regiments had been earlier deployed in the woods to secure the British right wing, against the advancing Pennsylvanians and Indians of Brig.Gen Peter B. Porter’s third Brigade. Although the British Light companies were to successfully drive off the American Brigade, the fighting in the woods was described as “scenes of indescribable horror.”

2 Flank/Light Company Figures. Limited edition of 500 sets.

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