Russian Don Cossack Officer - Damaged

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First Legion

This is a Damaged NAP0515 Russian Don Cossack Officer by First Legion.

His pistol hand is snapped off at the wrist. It is included. Comes in original box.

During Napoleon's invasion of Russia, the Russian Cossacks were the troops that the French feared the most. Not heavy battlefield cavalry, but rather used effectively as light cavalry, the Russian Cossacks constantly harried the French forces both during their advance and, as they are portrayed here, during the Retreat.
Operating both in direct support of the main Russian field armies as well as behind the French lines as a very early example of guerrilla troops, the Cossacks were extremely effective and played a key role in disrupting supply and interrupting communication. Though these figures under the banner of the Retreat from Russia range, they can be used for a much broader selection of the period. These figures are painted to an incredibly high level and perfectly match the French Infantry and sledges already released and make a wonderful addition to the Retreat from Russia series of figures.