Leatherneck Pipes & Drums - LE Set #10 - 21 Figures

Price: $450.00



This is a Consignment sale set we are offering. It comes in its original box and is in very good condition.
A few of the drummer's sticks were bent and show some paint loss.

STE Limited & Soldier Factory Leatherneck Pipes & Drums - 21 Figures
Limited Edition Set #10.Not to exceed 250 sets made according to paperwork.

Gloss Finish

You may note a discrepancy between this Guidon (Leatherneck) and the Bass Drum logo (Leathernecks). This is not a Manufacturers error. When the band ordered the Bass Drum heads there was a communications "hickup" and they came back as "Leathernecks". As they parade with this mismatch, we elected to maintain it in our presentation.