Raised Musket - Silesian

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Thomas Gunn Miniatures NAP036A Raised Musket - Silesian

A charging Silesian figure, this time with musket raised as he prepares to thrust his bayonet into the enemy!

Napoleonic Wars - Prussian Landwehr

Raised by a Royal Edict in 1813 calling for all men aged between 18 and 45 to bear arms as and when needed in the defense of the country, the Landwehr were an integral part of the Prussian military during the Napoleonic wars. The performance of the Landwehr in combat varied mainly due to poor discipline and a lack of training. They stampeded on several occasions but also had some splendid actions.

This version of the Landwehr infantry, the Silesian Landwehr, is wearing yellow collars and cuffs.

Limited Edition of 100.

Please note that these figures will fit in with W. Britain's or King & Country Napoleonics.