The M14 Marines In Action Set

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King & Country

The M14 Battle Rifle, for only a decade, was the principal US Service rifle before being replaced by the lighter, smaller-caliber M16. During that time however many experts considered the heavier, 7.62mm firing M14 the best rifle to ever see service with the US Military.
Originally designed for war in Europe alongside other battle rifles such as the Belgian / British FN Self Loading Rifle (also using 7.62mm ammunition) the M14 had its ‘Baptism of Fire’ in Vietnam. Within the US Armed Services the USMC was particularly fond of the rifle because of the Marines high value on marksmanship and battlefield reliability.
All of the Marines that were deployed to Vietnam in 1965 and 1966 were issued with M14’s and found them to be excellent weapons in combat with many fine characteristics even in the most difficult of circumstances and conditions. Indeed it was, with great reluctance, that many Marines exchanged their tried and tested M14’s with the early M16’s. Many unit quartermasters managed to retain at least some weapons which were then issued to individual snipers and proved, once more, to be both useful and excellent combat weapons.
This first, USMC 4-man ‘Vietnam’ combat set shows a section of 4x Marines in action poses all utilizing their favorite M14’s.