Running Buffalo Set #1

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King & Country

Three different mighty beasts running at full gallop as they try to escape the Indian arrows and lances.
These latest K&C releases portray the herd under attack by some Sioux and Cheyenne warriors in a most dramatic fashion.

The American Bison, more commonly called the ‘buffalo’ furnished most of the Plains tribes daily necessities; meat, warm robes for winter, skins to cover their tepees, leather for moccasins and leggings as well as coverings for war shields. The buffalo’s bones also provided glue for binding and could be fashioned into cooking and eating utensils, sewing implements and the frames for saddles. Buffalo hair was even woven into ropes or used to stuff saddle pads or any item that required cushioning.
The Indians used virtually everything from the animal... nothing was thrown away!
Once the horse was introduced, hunting became even easier and much more successful especially hunting the buffalo.