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12" x 12" Grass Field with Sandbag Emplacement

Price: $59.00


Hudson & Allen

This grass field base has a curved sandbag bunker in the corner with bushes and plants scatter around. It will link up with the other HA-2067 bases nicely.

These Hudson & Allen Scenics to Go display bases are designed to be used with all commercially available toy soldiers and model figures. Each 12" square scenic base can be used alone, or in any combination to create an attractive and realistic display. These hand-crafted, but durable, layouts are completely finished and display ready, even including small felt pads on the underside to protect your shelves. This item has a hard base of MDF and are not flexible.
H&A intentionally designed slight variations in grass patterns so that a number of the same style base can be used together without looking cookie cutter in appearance. All bases are hand made in the USA.

Additional bases sold separately.

Bushes are made of an organic material.

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